Sun Salutation (Part 2) – Solar Powering

The Sun Salutation involves two distinct parts: 1) Sun Bowing – a beautiful flow into and out of forward folds and 2) Solar Powering – a series of movements linking downward dog, plank poses and descending planks. This phase produces heat or tapas in the body. So, let’s discuss Part 2…. From forward fold, stepContinue reading “Sun Salutation (Part 2) – Solar Powering”

Moving with Care

In yoga there is philosophical code, similar to the the the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts Code of Law. The Yogic code is found in the texts of the Yamas and Niyamas. The Yamas consist of 5 restraints and the Niyamas consist of 5 observances. The first two Yamas are non-violence and truthfulness, known asContinue reading “Moving with Care”